June 5th- UFOs: Their Spiritual Mission with Dick Larson!

This show is available for download! http://paradigmunhinged.com/archives/

Mr. Dick Larson works with Benjamin Crème and Share International.  He will talk about the spiritual movement founded by Benjamin Crème that centers around Maitreya and the positive influence of our “Space Brothers” (ET’s) on our history and development.  This will be a very interesting show to say the least! ~Todd

Mr. Larson’s bio…

Dick Larson is a counselor with a background in education who addresses the issues of the Ageless Wisdom Teachings, meditation, and practical spirituality in everyday life. He has been a guest on radio talk shows nationwide, co-hosted a radio program, and produced and hosted a series of public access television shows that air around the nation.

 In these difficult times, he sees great hope in this new cosmic cycle of life on planet Earth, and tries to help others see the same. Larson entertains and inspires as he shares his strong convictions about the future:  that we are now in a very special time of world change — one that offers tremendous opportunities for personal growth and positive transformation in our world community and in every aspect of our lives.

Share International- www.shareintl.org  Vid http://youtu.be/ZAR_EDxO37Y







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